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We offer a comprehensive range of plumbing services. From routine maintenance and emergency repairs to complex installations and system upgrades, our experienced team is equipped to handle any plumbing challenge.


We are fully licensed in plumbing, gas, electrical, and solar hot water repairs. If your hot water unit needs replacing, we offer a complete replacement service, including a free quote, supply and installation of the new unit, and removal of the old one. We prioritise this service due to the discomfort of being without hot water.


From dripping taps to noisy or faulty ones, we offer expert advice on servicing and replacement options. If you have a tap you like, we can install it. Alternatively, we can supply and install a quality tap that suits your needs, plumbing, and décor.


This certificate is primarily sought to allow landlords to pass water consumption charges to tenants. Certification involves meeting RTA regulations, usually requiring minor fixture changes that can lead to substantial savings. Additionally, ensuring your plumbing fixtures meet these standards provides peace of mind that they are operating efficiently.


Experiencing metallic-tasting water, brown discoloration, or low water pressure? Your home may need repiping due to internal rust in steel pipes, burst pipes within concrete slabs, or outdated pipework. Whether it's replacing a section or upgrading the entire service, we're here to help.


Filtering your water has numerous benefits, from removing chemicals and microbes to simply improving taste. We handle complete installations, whether it's a sink top filter, under-sink twin filter, reverse osmosis system, or UV sanitisation at your house's water supply inlet. If you already have a specific filter in mind, you can provide it, and we'll manage the installation seamlessly.


If your downpipes are rusty, leaking, or inadequate for your roof size, contact us. We install new downpipes in various materials, ensuring a sleek, effective appearance. Our expert installation includes optimal bends, proper sizing for roof areas, and durable materials, including quality brackets. Trust us to enhance your drainage system with precision and quality craftsmanship.


Whether it's rainwater leaking in, a wet patch on your carpet, water seeping through walls, or any unexplained moisture problem. Leaks can be tricky to locate, but our persistence and expertise make the difference. We specialise in finding those hard-to-detect leaks and can offer a long-term solution to the problem.


If your toilet runs into the bowl, flushes on its own, leaks onto the floor, or looks worn out, we can service it, replace the valves, or install a new suite. With a wide variety of valves, washers, and parts, ensuring we can fix the issue on the spot. Your toilet will be working perfectly in no time!


Do you have a burst pipe flooding your bathroom? Perhaps you've received a high water usage alert or noticed a spike in your water bill. These signs may indicate a burst pipe. Our team are able to expertly undertake detection and repairs. We prioritise water conservation and efficient service.


We offer comprehensive gas services, installing new gas systems, setting up bayonet points for barbecues, and replacing cooktops, stoves, or hot water units. Our licensed and insured team ensures complete solutions, including servicing appliances and issuing gas safety certificates upon completion.


If you need to replace your dishwasher or washing machine, we'll handle everything from removing the old unit to installing your new appliance. Our plumbers will dispose of the packaging and ensure your new unit is fully operational before leaving.


Updating your shower and bath tapware can rejuvenate your fixtures. We also provide re-grouting, resealing, and tile repair services to refresh any bath or shower area. Trust us to restore your bathroom's appearance and enhance its value with our expert touch.


Is your drain overflowing? Is the toilet filling with water and hardly draining? Whether your vanity is slow to drain or the sewerage is backing up, we're here to help. Our team has the tools to handle any blockage, from hair and scum in narrow pipes to tough root intrusions. We'll have your drains flowing freely in no time.


We understand the balance between the tenant, the owner, and the property manager. We prioritise the tenant's satisfaction, adhere to the owner's scope and budget, and maintain open communication with the property manager. Our prompt, professional approach ensures all parties are satisfied. 


Whether loved or loathed, garbage disposal units need regular attention to avoid seizing up. If your garbage disposal needs help, contact us. We can often troubleshoot over the phone or perform a quick maintenance service to get it running smoothly. For replacements, we offer various options, including converting to a standard outlet if needed.


Whether it's updating kitchen fixtures or a full bathroom renovation, work seamlessly with homeowners, owner-builders, and builders, prioritising collaboration and efficiency. We ensure compliance by submitting necessary forms to council, guaranteeing legal recognition and smooth project flow.


If your gutters overflow during rain, it's often due to blockages from leaves and debris, even without nearby trees. Bird-dropped seeds can also lead to plant growth, causing further issues like rust and indoor overflow. After clearing debris, our plumbers provide a thorough inspection and ensure your gutters are prepared for the next rainfall.


Is your bathroom showing signs of wear and age? Upgrading the vanity basin can dramatically improve its appearance, as this fixture often shows age first. We also offer backsplash retiling services to ensure a seamless, complete renovation from start to finish.

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